Monday, August 13, 2007

Rose-colored glasses

Bob Castellini hasn't given up and neither have I!

You might think that just because we haven't updated this blog in almost two months that we've given up hope in this year's version of the Reds. WRONG! Listen to what Redlegs CEO and former bagged vegetable magnate Bob Castellini had to say to

"C'mon. You don't give up yet," Castellini said. "We have 50 games to go. Rose-colored glasses? No. You can't give up on guys. These players haven't given up. They're not just playing for individual stats. They're playing like a team."

That's right. The Reds aren't playing for individual glory! They're playing like a team! A team that got swept by the Nationals but a team nonetheless. And if a guy who is paying Eric Milton around $8 million dollars this season to be hurt and not pitch horribly believes, then so do I.

The Reds aren't even mathematically out of it. According to Baseball Prospectus' Playoff Odds Report, the Reds have a .06385 percent chance of making the playoffs this year! They ran the season 1,000,000 times and the Reds made the playoffs almost 639 times. So if you're like me (and Bob Castellini apparently) and believe in a lunatic variation of string theory, then we might be living in one of those 639 out of a million alternate universes where the Reds will make the 2007 postseason.

Bob and I BELIEVE!

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